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Electric vehicle charging cable connector What kind

Head of electric car charging cable for power cable connection itself, there are connectors, insulating middle joint of the oil-filled power cables and power cables as well as plug steel stopper type joints.
1. Ordinary connector
Electric car charging cable lines, except connecting cable through connector core conductor in electrical communication with the outside to ensure that, for self-contained oil-filled power cable connector must be kept oil flowing through the core. But the connector is in the field manual, the process conditions are poor. Thus the use of the online-pin connector under crimping conditions, the core problem of the junction electric field concentration process, by increasing the insulation thickness, thereby reducing joint field work to ensure the safe operation of the connector. Usually above the power cable insulation by wrapping around the insulation, insulated ends form a tapered surface stress increase around the cone. Increased insulation wrapped around the outside of the insulation shield, the shield is connected at both ends of the power cable insulation, and it has an external light pipe outside the insulation from the atmosphere, so that you can withstand the hydraulic pressure in the oil-filled power cables.

2. insulating joints
Insulating connector insulation structure and the same size as an ordinary connector. 110 ~ 220kV oil-filled power cable insulation joints, mainly for large power cable lines in length, so that the power cable connectors at both ends of the metal sheath or metal shield and the semiconducting layer electrically disconnected, so that cross-connect, to reduce protective layer (or shield> loss.

3. The plug-in connectors stop
Plug-in connectors are oil-filled stop power cable accessories electrical properties of the weakest link, but also the most complex joints. It is mainly used crafty drop greater than the predetermined value of impregnated paper insulated power cable lines, and cut off the oil, preventing the high-end power cable insulation dry, low power cable insulation oil pressure exceeds a predetermined value.
110kV single-chamber plug stop middle joint, usually an epoxy casing separates oil flow of two power cables.
220kV double-chamber intermediate stop plug connector, with two epoxy casing The oil flow of two separate power cable, plug in the pipe above the dead two power cables have an outer chamber cavity containing two power cables and an external-cavity oil flow communication, two were sealed structure.

4.The oil-filled power cable connector pipe
Common connectors for power cable manufacturing length connection, it is generally within the insulation structure and self-contained oil-filled power cable connector and white, with a shell with a diameter slightly larger than the brass power cable conduit. Semi-Cypriot stop connector for long steel oil-filled electric power cable line. Once it is in order to avoid the occurrence of oil spills caused huge loss of power cable connector sleeve designed, used to separate the oil sector, the oil sector through two power cable insulation or bypass tube circulation. In the steel pipe connections and power cable joints, sealed structure to separate the power cable passage.
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