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Automotive interior refit high-voltage electric problem

High-voltage conversion problem on the vehicle and the ground, there are several key details and we explore.
1. Please do not "dream" by a simple modification will make the performance of the vehicle has improved leaps and bounds. If this is so easy to achieve the purpose, the vehicle manufacturer's experts can not know? Vehicle manufacturers already done so.
2.4 That no matter how change will not become 4.3.
2. modifications, the battery negative on the ground are connected via fusible wire and the body, and its role is blown off when a short circuit when power to prevent electrical fires. If then and on several wires (ground), then a short circuit when the circuit will not be blown. A few days ago it occurred on the road to Beijing six Jingtonggaosu a 4-car rear-end the car caught fire, hoping that things do not happen in your car.
3. How to treat refit the ignition circuit and ground effects.
Mix some may ask, since changing the spark plugs and the like from the ground theoretically would not have a substantial effect of improving, why you would feel after some modifications ALICE power increase it? The answer is simple, the replacement of ignition wire and spark plug change the engine ignition timing (timing) to play the effect, rather than increase the ignition energy to improve the power of the engine. We all know that the engine at different ignition timing ignition output power is not the same. Required fuel ignition advance angle using different labels are not the same. In the automotive design in order to meet different grades of fuel in different regions, the ignition advance angle are generally designed to adapt to a lower grade fuel. That you are now a vehicle engine ignition timing is not the best value you can now use fuel label.
4. For now, any modification and saving measures are basically "more harm than good."
After careful observation and analysis of the current conversion and fuel-saving technology, the result is that no one can have a substantial effect become mainstream results.
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