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The definition of high-voltage electric automotive interior

High-voltage electric automotive interior definitions:
EV vehicle through the ignition coil high-voltage power transmission role for spark ignition, so that the engine acting kind of "insulation" means with the "wire", its structure is not complicated, the inside of the outer metal wire through the production process On the outer cladding layer of high strength insulator. In the high energy, good insulation and internal transmission and conductive function at low temperatures.
Internal high-voltage current transmission is very small, less demanding metal wire inside, but its voltage by Jen has a higher, usually around tens of thousands of volts, so the insulation on the outside of the demanding, if due to aging of insulating material, dielectric strength decrease may cause leakage or damage to other electrical systems high pressure system.

Replace principles:
1. Use the original power lines, can generally be obtained aftermarket purchase, if the error with other brands or other models, probably because the relationship between the resistance of the high-pressure line damaged or destroyed electrical equipment possible.
2, there is no choice of original models, high-voltage lines to compare the original car's parameters are hindered learning is unimpeded type, by comparison, the appropriate choice of power lines, the only professional technical staff can identify.